Stripes Looking Glass

Stripes is a Looking Glass implementation that works with Zebra and Cisco routers. A Looking Glass is a CGI script for viewing results of simple queries executed on remote routers.

The queries and routers can be listed in a configuration file. This allows for easy deployment on multiple machines without having to modify the program itself. The configuration file is written in Perl, so it has a lot of power for adapting to its environment.

For an example installed copy see the Global Wire Looking Glass.


The latest version of Stripes is 2.1. You can retrieve it from

To run Stripes you will need

When you have these installed, return to these instructions to continue installing Stripes.

Unpack the Stripes distribution:

	% gunzip -c stripes-2.1.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

Modify DEST in Makefile to point to a directory that is used for CGI scripts on your system. Change LGCONF to point to where the configuration file should be kept. Also make sure that the location of the Perl interpreter is correct.

Then simply run the following commands:

	% make
	% make install

Modify a copy of the lg.conf file to list your routers and the queries you want to enable. The manual page has details on the syntax of the file.

Now you are ready to use Stripes.

Comments, enhancements, fixes and other feedback are very welcome.

Kimmo Suominen
(29 May 2001)